Using Trello for Education

In my previous job I created the task management system the company continues to uses today. I looked for something similar I could use to keep track of homeschooling that was also free. I tested out many different websites and decided that Trello would work best for me. We don’t currently teach on a schedule so there are only dates on lessons once we start to work on it.

You may want things set up differently than I do. So far this is what works for me. Each curriculum we use has a column. I also have a template column that houses all curriculum templates. I keep files in google drive so the templates may have a link to that subjects google drive folder.

Templates make it easier to create a new card. I make it as easy on myself as possible to make a new lesson card.

Once a lesson is completed it gets moved to the completed column. This will keep track of when we completed each lesson if we need it in the future.

You can organize yours in a way that works for you. You may want to make columns for each week or each kid. I keep another column for teacher ideas which keep things I want to work on later when I have the time. You can add other team members to your board. My husband is a member of the board so he can see where we are and what we have done. Your child can also be a member of the board if you wish or have a separate one for them as well as one for the teacher.

I made a sample board for anyone that wants to use it. Get your Free Trello account and organize anything you want.

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