Literature Based Learning

One of the curriculum’s I chose was Moving Beyond the Page.  It is literature based and has everything laid out for you.  When we started this journey I was working part time.  I had the capability to pick out what to teach and had started creating lessons months before starting school.  I just didn’t have the time.  I looked for a curriculum that was laid out in what I needed to say and do.  The parent manual contains just that.  Even now that I am no longer working I have purchased future years of this curriculum since we like it so much.

In this lesson the discussion included environmental changes and feelings.  My son was never into drawing or art before so his drawing work amazed me.

You can download Samples on the publishers website.  There is enough to actually do a lesson with your child from each concept book.  Choose the age level in the pull down menu and select a unit to download.  

This curriculum follows state standards if that is something you are looking for. Each age level has a book of concepts. It is project based and hits all the different learning styles. There are no tests but end of unit projects. If you aren’t sure where you should start they have guidelines to help you choose an age level as well as placement tests.

Another great thing about this curriculum is you can purchase a full year or only concepts your child would be interested in. At the higher levels you can decide to only purchase the language arts portion and use a different curriculum for science and social studies. You can purchase books from the publisher with your kit, borrow from the library or purchase on Amazon.

If you have any questions about this curriculum feel free to ask. We will share more from this curriculum as we go.

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