Educational Games

Our homeschool is not all about worksheets. Play is an important part of learning at this age. We have the typical toys a child would want to play with as well as many different types of educational toys and games. Here are some of the games we have that are enjoyable and serve an educational purpose at the same time.

Rush Hour Junior is neat little logic game that comes with a bag to keep all the pieces in. It makes it easy to travel with on a trip, restaurant, or wherever you may be going. Each card shows you how to set up the vehicles on the tray. The task is to move the vehicles to get the ice cream truck out. The challenges get more difficult as you get through them. My son loves vehicles of all kinds so this was a lot of fun for him.

Another great Think Fun logic game is Balance Beans. This game also comes with a bag to store it in. The challenge cards show you how to set up one side of the seesaw and which beans to use on the other side. The goal is to use those other beans to make the seesaw balance.

Learning Resources has a fun coding mouse activity set for ages 4 and up. The younger the child the more help they may need understanding how to set up the game. Once they have done it a few times however they should be good on their own. This game comes with challenge cards that show you how to set up the board and accessories. Your job is to figure out what steps the mouse needs to take to get to the cheese at the end. What is great is you can make up your own challenges. Set up the board anyway you want to and use the coding cards to mark the mouses path. Its fun, educational and adorable.

Another great Stem Activity is Blocks Rock! This is a competitive game to build what is on the challenge cards first to get the points. We play with our son and he does well enough to come close to winning often. Everything comes in a carrying case that fits the pieces perfectly. There is also a Free 3D App available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. This expands play with more cards and allows for individual play.

Look for more great games in the future!

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