Montessori Math Materials

Montessori materials are wonderful to work with. We have some materials I have purchased and some I have made myself. Montessori method allows for hands on learning. Children are taught to use the material first and move onto independent work. If you would like more information on how Montessori Math works see the blog post from Hollis Montessori School. Keep reading for a list of math materials we use and the DIY versions.

Montessori Math Beads are a bit expensive so I made my own with pony beads and speaker wire.
This is a wooden box with a set of beads on Amazon. When my son attended a Montessori Pre-k they used this style.

This is the set I made. It took awhile but have held up well and work wonderfully.

The instructions to make the ones I made are from Child of the Redwoods Website.

I used the following beads:

I used this speaker wire. You can also get a 30 ft one at Walmart for $8.96.

In Montessori Math they use a Decimal Bank. We use the same type of system in our Math work. The system as a whole is pretty pricey so came up with our own decimal bank.

Montessori Decimal Bank you can purchase:

Montessori Decimal Bank I made:

The website Wikisori has a printable with directions on how to make the thousand cubes I have. The website also has a page explaining the Bank Game. Look over the entire website there is a plethora of information.

Another resource we use often are Number Cards. I printed and laminated the set of Small Number Cards from the Montessori Album website. There are many other resources there so be sure to look around.

If you prefer the wood materials you can purchase them:

If you are looking for a Montessori based curriculum check out Shiller Math. You can purchase math materials, books and digital downloads. By using the link from this post you will get 5% off your purchase. Read my blog post about their wonderful curriculum.

Look for more Montessori ideas to come.

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